Monday 27 June 2011

Long Live the Futurstate: New Promo Material

The introduction of the new Industrialite collection will bring with it many exciting changes for Futurstate, including website updates, a new, powerful slogan, and these vintage war inspired  promotional postcard images.

Heavily inspired by vintage war propaganda, like the posters found in the book "War Posters - Weapons of Mass Communication", and Russian avant garde imagery, the new Futurstate promotional images are militaristic, a mix of a vintage feel and a futuristic, grunge look. The images use various language translations of the slogan, "Long Live the Futurstate" a powerful chant for the Futurstate world army.  

Keep checking back for news of our upcoming website updates, and take a look at some of these inspiring war posters!



Thursday 23 June 2011

Sources of Inspiration: Industrialite Collection

Some books/concepts that have inspired the new Futurstate Industrialite collection:

Military history - Costume in film - Vintage Circus

     Be prepared to witness the evolution of Futurstate.
     Industrialite: Coming Soon

Monday 13 June 2011

Alt Fashion Magazine Raffle

Alt Fashion, a UK alternative fashion magazine and website, is raffling off donated prizes online to raise funds for a donation to The Sophie Lancaster foundation. Amongst the variety of alternative goodies is a chic bondage inspired belt and a military cap, both from Futurstate's upcoming Industrialite collection, being raffled off as a set. The raffle will be wrapped up as of June 30th, or sooner depending on the number of ticket sales! The opportunity to support a great organization that focuses on creating respect and understanding of subcultures, and possibly win some fabulous Futurstate accessories, is upon you!

Access the full article/purchasing information on the Alt Fashion website:

Visit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website:

Long live the Futurstate! 

Wednesday 8 June 2011

FUTURSTATE in Auxiliary Magazine.

We are so excited for the release of the latest issue from Buffalo's Auxiliary Magazine! Check out the "Daydream Notebook" layout, pg 52-59. You will find a preview some of our soon to be released styles.

Featured items are 'Spectre' jacket with a nipped in waist and puffed sleeves, 'Keiko' Skirt a fantastic little mini with future-geisha styling, and 'Flux' a knee length skirt that rouches upwards with metal buckles. Keep watching FUTURSTATE for availability!!